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The most expensive thing you can do when undertaking a building project is rush.

If you want to get the most out of your budget you need to understand how the building costs add up. It is advisable to do this in advance of starting on site, so that if the builders quote is more than you expected, you have time to moderate your aspirations/ specification or vary the scope of the project.

Getting your Architect to produce pertinent detail drawings and a break down of the intended work is the best way to ensure you have control over your project and building costs and the quality of the end result.

What do we deliver?

To maximise your budget you need to understand how the costs break down, so get your architect to produce an ‘outline schedule of works’, which is a written summary of the main elements of the proposed works listed out for the builder to price against. With this you can make a true like for like cost comparison between builders prices.

Our project was the investment of a lifetime. We were not qualified to put our ideas into practise and neither was out builder but Architect Your Home had the knowledge and expertise we needed to feel confident we were getting the best outcome for our money.

Trudy, E. Sussex

When you are undertaking an investment of a lifetime you want to make sure your money is being spent intelligently. The best way to safe-guard this is to get your architect to produce a detailed set of drawings and write a schedule of works which can be sent to your selected builders so you can get an accurate price.

The price along with the agreed contract period can then be written into a contract which your architect can oversee for you and to ensure the work is completed according to the plans, the timescale and price stipulated.

The pick-and-mix element of your services is why I used Architect Your Home to design my extension and flat remodeling. This unique selling point is the reason I've recommended you to others.

Donna R. North London

Further Services

stage one
Initial Design Visit
  • Half day initial visit
  • Full day initial visit
  • Half day homebuyers visit
  • Investigate feasibility
stage two
Accurate Drawings
  • Measured CAD survey
  • Drawings for permitted development
  • Drawings for planning permission
  • Drawings for building regulations
  • Detail level drawings for tendering
stage three
Consents and Consultants
  • Permitted development application
  • Planning permission application
  • Building regulations application
  • Co-ordination with structural engineers
  • Co-ordination with party wall surveyors