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Opening up the kitchen proves to be a recipe for success

Architect Your Home are an invaluable asset when it comes to stress free projects – they helped at the outset and then crucially towards the end in helping us get through building controls change of mind.

Charlie H. Sydenham

Sydenham side extension and renovation

One of the wonderful aspects of the Architect Your Home service is that it encourages its customers to get involved with their project as much or as little as they choose. The flexibility we offer gives our customers the freedom to run their project in the way that suits them, whilst knowing we are always there if we’re needed.

With this project the customer was both interested and capable of running most of the project herself, we were there to fill in the gaps – for the initial inspiration and direction and later when the Building Inspector changed his mind!

A place where you can breathe

Despite a relatively small extension the renovation has resulted in a wonderful open space that creates the impression that the room is twice the size it was. This feeling of openness has been enhanced by the quantity of light now streaming in through the 4-panel glass sliding door that leads out into the garden.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Structural Engineers
  • Contractors


To transform a dark and cold kitchen into a light and spacious kitchen and family room – transforming this area of the ground floor from a space the customer used under duress to a space they loved to be in.


These photos of the existing house show how cramped the kitchen was, laid out in a chaotic way with 1970s orange units, some at one end of the room, others randomly hung at the other end.

The only access to the extensive garden was via the side door in the decaying lean-to.

Project Timeline

  • 1

    Planning & Preparation

    • Half day Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Advice on best next steps
  • 7


    • Building of new walls, erection of new extension, windows and roofs.
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
  • 8


    • Installation of second fix services including electrics and lighting
    • Fitting of kitchen and appliances.