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A dark awkward outside space is cleverly transformed into a glorious sun-filled kitchen

We decided you seemed the right people to completely re-do the back of our Georgian house by the river. Our kitchen extension was in a 70's time warp - all brickwork and Aga and you brought us up too date with a sensitive and appropriate design.

Side Return Kitchen Extension

As our lives change how we live in our houses changes as well. At one moment you maybe desperate for more space, at others you may find you are not using some of your rooms. Adapting your home to reflect your lifestyle means that you are getting the best value from your home.

With this home, the customer had lived with their series of small rooms for too long and wanted an open kitchen / dining space that connected to their courtyard garden and living area. This design gave them a very generous, flexible space in which they could cook, entertain and relax.

The heart of any home

For these customers their Aga cooker was the heart of their home but had been shut away in a small kitchen for years.

Part of the project brief was to give the Aga pride of place in the new extension, making it a focal point of the kitchen, thus enabling the customer to indulge in his passion for cooking without feeling like he was being banished to another room.

While the design has contemporary lines, warmth was created by using burr elm for the timber kitchen unit door fronts and an oak floor. The quality of light then makes it a really enjoyable space.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location
    Twickenham, Middx.


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Structural Engineers
    Fothergill Structural Engineer
  • Contractors
    Colcam Construction


The brief for this project was to demolish the rather dated existing rear extension and build a something new that would increase the space and light in the kitchen.

The property was listed, in a conservation area and on an angled site so the designs had to take this into consideration, and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.


The proposed plans

The solution involved a side return extension with a glass roof which increased the floor space whilst maximising the light.

A direct access to the courtyard garden was created by installing two sets of oak double doors and solid oak beams were used for the glass roof construction to compliment the existing house while still being a unmistakably contemporary space.

Mixing the old with the new

In order to appreciate the historical context of architecture it is essential that any alteration or addition to a building, particularly a listed one, responds sensitively to the existing, not by copying it but by having a complimentary quality of its own.

With this extension it was understanding the materials and proportions that meant the new extension sat comfortably with the old house.

Project Timeline

  • 2

    Planning & Preparation

    • Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Next level CAD drawings for Planning application and Listed building consent application and submission
    • Cost breakdown and detail drawings for pricing and construction
  • 2


    • Removal of internal walls, building of external walls, installation of oak beams and roof glazing
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
  • 1


    • Installation of second fix services including electrics and lighting
    • Fitting of kitchen and appliances
    • Laying of flooring and decorating