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A touch of inspiration makes a world of difference

The legacy of the architectural framework and interior design provided by AYH has created a beautiful house which in turn has become our dream home

Andy B. Twickenham

Refurbishment of 4 bedroom house

Architect Your Home believes that we have a greater sense of well being when we feel in tune with our surroundings. Therefore,we place a high degree of importance on making sure we design your home so that it is a reflection of your personality.

This project was all about personality, helping the customer see how this could be expressed through cerise painted baths and perfectly tailored wardrobes.


An exciting place to live

Many people shy away from using much colour as they lack the confidence to make such strong visual statements. Here the architect was able to respond to the joyous personalities of the customers and use colour with dramatic effect to give them the exciting home they were after.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Structural Engineers
    Cornerstone Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  • Contractors
    Roberts Group


Complete house refurbishment and loft conversion with new kitchen, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes


Communication is at the heart of what Architect Your Home does and we are constantly striving to find better ways to help our customer visualise and understand the designs we are proposing.

Here the message of how the kitchen will look has been conveyed through a 3D computer generated  visualisation, whilst what is proposed for the bathroom has been illustrated by using a variety of real images, elevations and plans.

Project Timeline

  • 5

    Planning & Preparation

    • Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Next level CAD drawings for Planning application and submission
    • Cost breakdown and detail drawings for pricing and construction
  • 9


    • Removal of internal walls, flooring, ceilings etc.
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
    • Installation of roof lights
  • 5


    Installation of second fix services including electrics and lighting

    Fitting of kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

    Installation of walk-in wardrobes

    Laying of flooring, tiling and decorating.