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Trading an old conservatory lean-to for a stunning kitchen/ dining room

Working with AYH was a great collaboration from start to finish. Not only did our architect achieve a fabulous & inspiring design that has enhanced our property, but our project ultimately delivered on time and very close to our initial budget. We would definitely recommend this service to others planning residential improvements.

Helene B. - N. London

Rear extension to ground floor flat

Our architects have the vision to be able to see beyond the constraints of existing walls into the potential of unused spaces.

They can understand how, by moving the kitchen or bathroom to different position within a home, can open up unseen opportunities. The solution to this project was unlocked when the architect decided to put the new bedroom where the kitchen once lived and move the kitchen into a new extension that now provided enough space to incorporate a dining area and reached out into the garden.

A place to enjoy the view

Before you embark on an extension it is important to assess how well the various rooms in your home are working for you. Sometimes you can achieve the result you were after by simply re-configuring the current layout.

Here with some thoughtful re-organisation of the existing layout the architect was able to fulfill the customers’ requirements with a relatively small increase in the overall floor area, which kept the extension in proportion with the existing house.

The glazed rear extension was given full height folding / sliding doors to draw light inside and to enable their living space to be completely opened up into the garden.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location
    North London


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Structural Engineers
    Jampel Davison & Bell Ltd
  • Contractors
    NewWay Construction Ltd


To create an additional bedroom with en-suite shower and a large contemporary kitchen / dining room that opened up the flat to the extensive garden.


The Before

Usually it is not until we see a drawing of the existing layout of our home that we can begin to see how the various areas of your home go together and appreciate how these can then be changed and adapted to suit your current needs.


The Proposed

Your architect produces these ‘to scale plans’ as a visual description of the alterations you want to make to your home and to ensure the impact of these changes on the overall layout has been properly considered.


Project Timeline

  • 3

    Planning & Preparation

    • Full day Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Next level CAD drawings for Planning application and submission
    • Scheme level drawings for Building regulations application
    • Cost breakdown and detail drawings for pricing and construction
  • 5


    • Demolition of existing conservatory and internal walls
    • Building of new walls, erection of new extension, windows and roofs.
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
  • 4


    • Installation of second fix services including electrics and lighting
    • Fitting of kitchen and appliances.
    • Laying of flooring and decorating.