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Renovating a house to make it a home for life

The AYH approach gave us access to really high quality support from our architect, who had lots of great ideas and determination to get the detail right. She worked with us as well as for us and helped us chose from the menu of services and therefore be confident about our costs.

Elizabeth P. Wirral

Modernisation of detached home

 Some people decide not to buy a house because they don’t like the fireplace or colour of the kitchen, because they can’t see beyond these superficial features to the potential the house or location might hold. Architect Your Home have the expertise to help you see if a property you have your eye on could indeed be transformed into your perfect home.

The customer did not see a very dated, tired old house sitting on a plot of land, they saw a structurally sound building with a great garden that had fantastic views across open farmland and was ideally located near their stables. SOLD!


A place designed for life

The customer had found the perfect spot for them and had no intention of moving again, so they invested time and money into making this house their long term home.

Their architect helped them get the details and materials right, detailing the custom made american white oak windows/ doors and glazed screens. They also used the American white oak for the internal flush doors and an American black walnut flooring throughout the ground floor except for the kitchen / dining area where they used a dark green slate.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Joinery
    Henry Thomas Joinery
  • Contractors
    Malcolm Baucher Ltd


To refurbish and modernise the whole house, open up and reallocate some ground floor spaces to maximise light and views.


Specific attention was paid to transform the elevational appearance of the property to give it a more contemporary feel. Large folding / sliding doors were installed in the kitchen to maximise the view out of the rear of the property which overlooks out across fields.

The architects produced very detailed drawings to ensure the customer got the exact specification and quality of finish they were after.

Project Timeline

  • 4

    Planning & Preparation

    • Full day Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Scheme level drawings for Planning application and submission
    • Detail level drawings for a Building regulations application
    • Schedule of works, tender and on-site inspections.


  • 7


    • Building of new walls, fitting new windows doors etc.
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
  • 6


    • Installation of second fix services including electrics and lighting
    • Fitting of kitchen and appliances.
    • Laying of flooring and decorating.