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Finding the space you need right under your feet

We are very pleased with the service we received. The input you provided was just what we needed as we didn't have the energy to do it on our own. You were very organised and always responded to queries very quickly. Many thanks all round.

Juliet, N. W. London

Basement Extension and full house renovation

When you have found the perfect house and then find your family is just about to grow it is time to find more space.

It is relatively easy to knock down a wall or add an extension to get more or bigger spaces but making them feel a natural part of you home requires an understanding of the dynamics as play. Here the key factor was recognising the customers need for separate yet interconnected spaces, so it was when the architect proposed removing an area of the ground floor to link the kitchen with the playroom that the project really came to life.

Finding space for the family

The customer bought this house with the intention of doing a complete refurbishment as it was very dated and poky. But on discovering his family was about to get significantly bigger he realised he also needed to find quite a lot more space.

The answer was to excavate the basement, so the very small cellar was extended to create a bedroom, bathroom, utility room and large playroom. A wall of specifically designed cupboards was built to house the toys, t.v and other paraphernalia enabling the room to be transformed when required into the perfect place for big screen viewing.

Specification Sheet


  • Construction Date
  • Location
    Fulham, London


  • Construction Budget
  • Fit-out Budget


  • Structural Engineers
    Cornerstone Consulting Engineers
  • Contractors
    Argyll Building Services


With triplets on the way the customer wanted a big, light space for his children  to play in, a room for the nanny, as well as a beautiful comfortable, contemporary home that reflected how they liked to live.


Lighting layout plan

Lighting is so important, both in terms of getting enough illumination on your work surfaces and in creating the right atmosphere.

Here we produced drawings that showed the positions and specification of all the lights, which enabled the customer to understand the options available to them both in terms of cost and ambience.



Bathrooms need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so here a simple palate of materials and finishes were used to create beautiful timeless bathrooms, which allows personal items to create the mood.


Project Timeline

  • 5

    Planning & Preparation

    • Initial visit hand sketch design drawings
    • Next level CAD drawings for planning application  and submission
    • Cost breakdown and detail drawings for pricing and construction
  • 10


    • Building of external and internal walls, floors, windows and roofs.
    • Installation of first fix services such as plumbing, water, electricity
  • 7


    • Installation of second fix services such as light fittings, radiators and bathroom furniture.
    • Fitting of kitchen and appliances.
    • Laying of flooring and decorating.