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Don't let your bathroom design get you into a lather

Imagine a luxury hotel, that powerful double shower, the deep bath, the twin basins… wouldn’t you love to create that same feeling at home?

Turning your domestic bathroom into a gorgeous sanctuary or adding a new sleek en-suite to the main bedroom is not a luxury but a necessity that should be properly sized and planned. After all it is where you prepare yourself for the day ahead and relax once the day is over. Whether for families or individuals money spent on getting the bathroom right is money very well spent, it will not only inspire you, it will also markedly improve the value and appeal of your home.

Creating a wonderful bathroom design is more than the choice of the bath or taps, there are other important factors that need to be considered such as: is it in the right place in the house? has it natural light? sufficient ventilation? enough storage? a big enough bath?

So what factors need to be considered?

  • How do you get the light and ventilation right?   One of the most important considerations to focus on is having sufficient light and ventilation. If you have no opportunity to have an external window and your bathroom is on the top floor of the house, you may be able to install a high level rooflight or sun pipe. If this is not possible then the lighting and mechanical ventilation needs to be carefully considered.
  • Is a wooden floor suitable?    A timber floor can be used very effectively in a bathroom to create a wonderful warm and rich flooring. The timber however should ideally be solid wood not laminate and carefully sealed with a suitable varnish or sealant.
  • Should all the fittings and sanitary ware be bought from one supplier?   We can advise on supplier options giving you the freedom to choose the fittings you want from anywhere. A clever design can use less expensive fittings to maximum effect and help you keep control of your budget.
  • Does the new bathroom have access to the existing soil vent pipe ?   Very often the best position for a new bathroom is not the most convenient position for connection to the existing soil vent pipe and drain. Installation of a macerator usually overcomes this, but their positioning and sizing needs to be carefully considered.

Remember that every home deserves a beautiful bathroom design because every person deserves to wash in style.